Breastfeeding Information & Resources

Useful Information

  • Many breastfeeding difficulties such as pain during feedings, sore nipples, thrush, and mastitis can be prevented or diminished by getting help right away. Each of these could be a short blog post explaining what it is, why it happens, and simple ways to resolve it (plus calling you)
  • Your baby has ways to tell you he is ready for a feeding. For example, many babies will move and smack their lips or mouth their hands to let you know they're hungry. Crying is a late sign of hunger; babies are often more difficult to feed while upset or frantic. Video?

  • Breastfeeding protects your baby by coating his stomach with beneficial bacteria that help him digest your milk, absorb important nutrients such as iron, and crowd out harmful bacteria. Links to articles on this?

  • Babies can often latch well with only a little guidance from mom using a technique called laid-back breastfeeding. Video?

  • Hand Expression is an essential skill for nursing mothers. Most new moms don't do it correctly which leads to pain and frustration. Video


Helpful Resources

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